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Aquave V6 IconPack Inst. X64 by Mr-Ragnarok Aquave V6 IconPack Inst. X64 by Mr-Ragnarok
Aquave V6 IconPack Installer X64

This will only work for WIN7 BUILD 7600 X64 (64bit).
I recommend U to make proper backups before U begin. Its all explained inside the rar.

**This one has no folderband**

There is NO folderband (the panel with organize, share etc)
So make all the changes commited to that panel before U install cause that option will be gone after install. Its no big deal if U forget cause U can always run a normal installer to get it back. The explorerpanel in the screenshot will not come in the package. Its findexer that U can find here [link]
A tutorial how to get the look that I have is here [link]
Sidebar icons U find here [link]
The dock and taskbar will not come in the installer. The dock U can find here [link]
and the taskbar here [link] with this skin [link]
VS on screenshot is Snow Leopard for Windows 7 by =sagorpirbd [link]

The installer is very detailed with all the little things.
It will also change the startup sound and logon screen.

I have no part in the icons. I just found them and thought they were the best.

Cred goes to:

Discs and Drives: [link]
Stacks filled by me: [link]
My Computer: [link]
Folders: [link]
Logon Screen: [link]

And Cred goes to Apple of course

There is also some other icos that i don't recall where i got them but they earn a lot of cred....

Please send me links to Ur screenshots. Would love to see the installers in action.

*Only for personal use*

Enjoy :)
olive37 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
tank you so much!!!!
Mr-Ragnarok Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2010
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June 30, 2010
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